Monday, May 11, 2015


Hey guys So today I wanted to tell you I got a new doll from the My Life Collection. She was my favorite in the collection. Sorry I have not been posting... but I have been sick, so have not have had time!  So I'm sorry about that but I'm glad I found time today. I hope you like the pics I took of her!  She's a hair stylist. 
      Her name is MK.
                 WELL SEE YA!

Having fun at the park.

                                         TODAY I WENT TO THE DOG PARK! YAY!!
                                         THIS IS MY NEW DOG, BERRY. HE'S SO CUTE.                                                                                                                      

                                                       I START TO PLAY WITH HIM;
                              THEN I SEE MY BEST FRIEND - THEN WE SAY GOOD BYE.

                                       THEN I DECIDE TO TAKE A NAP.  ZZZZZZ...

                                                     ONE HOUR LATER I WAKE UP.


                                                        AFTER I LOOK FOR TEN MINUTES
                                                      I HEAR SOME LEAVES MOVING.

                                                     BERRY! BERRY! THERE YOU ARE!

                                                                WELL, BYE NOW.
                                               (PS - IF YOU'RE WONDERING, BERRY IS AN OG DOG.)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Oh my dollies : An Amazing giveaway.

Hi girlies! 

So today I just had to tell you about an amazing giveaway at Oh My Dollies.  They are giving away  a very cute skirt. 
You have to see it!  It is so so cute.

Well, TTYL.

See Y'all Later!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First Day Of School!!!!!!


So today was my first day of school! Oh Yay!

My school uniform!

School Supplies!
 Me at my desk!

It was a great day and I met lots of friends!!

See Y'all Later!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Ashlee's Daily Adventure 2.

Hey Girlies, Ashlee here!

Saturday I went to town to do some fun stuff!

Riding in the car!

We went to a big event called Farm Y'all where I got to see lots of cute and pretty animals :)

 This pony was named Nutter Butter! He was so cute!
 But sadly he wouldn't let me pet him :/

It was such a hot day, so I rested under this shady tree. *sigh*

 Checking out the prize hens.

I think this little piggy was about to charge! LOL!

 This little Donkey was so sweet...If he was mine I would name him Carrots :)

 Riding my first bull! YEE HAW!!!!

I was scared that this Llama would spit on me, but thank goodness it didn't :)

I love guinea pigs. 

I had to get my picture in this huge tractor wheel :)

Then before we went home I swung by Dairy Queen and ordered myself a Chocolate Oreo Blizzard. YUM!


Bye Dairy Queen!
On the way home I enjoyed a sucker that I had got from Farm Y'all!

It was a fun & exciting day but I was exhausted!

See Y'all Later!!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ashlee's Hair Bun Tutorial.

Hi guys! Today I thought I'd do a quick tutorial about how to do a super cute bun.

1. Do a pony tail.

2. Twist the hair around the pony tail.
3. Secure with another pony tail.

Then you're done.

See Y'all Later!

Ashlee's Daily Adventure 1.

Today I went on a walk (aka adventure) and did some pretty fun stuff!



 I found these beautiful flowers...They're my mom's favorite! I picked her a bouquet.


 I climbed my favorite climbing tree.

Then to end my walk I stopped and had a butter and jelly sandwich (my favorite sandwich ever)!

Then I headed home!

It was a wonderful and beautiful walk!

See y'all later!